Things you learn in two months

So summer 2012 has gone by pretty quicky and to be honest i’m kind of glad it has as I can’t wait to start College in a few weeks time. After a summer spent minding three toddlers its safe to say i’m looking forward to feeling like a teenager again and not like a mother. Lets just say I won’t be having kids until i’m sixty….

A lot of things have happenend this summer, I went abroad for two weeks without my family and apart from getting lost in the Spanish mountains, being sunburnt and being ill, it went pretty well so i’m already thinking about what spending June July and August in London next year, just have to find a job there first.

Oh and I also discovered how awful people can be, like the mother of the children I mind, she has three toddlers and dresses them in expensive clothes all the time and they aren’t allowed to get dirty or mess about and have fun. She wants kids but doesn’t want the hassle of them. The kids are cute and easy enough to mind but the mom is another story…I can’t wait to finish in two weeks even though I shall miss the money and possibly even the little ones as like I said they are quite good. Oh and may I have another rant about the mother..she spent 200 euros on a birthday cake for the three year didn’t even taste that good..enough said.

I went up to watch the little girls that I always mind for years now play a football match yesterday and the family is so nice and the girls are like my little sisters. Five year old Laura always knows how to make me laugh as she told me ” Aifric, a boy told me he loved me today..He told me that he was sweating and to feel his back. I didn’t”. What a good chat up line little man :/

I got my leaving cert results and I’m really happy with them. I’ve decided to study English, Geography and classics with the aim of becoming a secondary school teacher. I also received a scholarship to the university I am going to which I didn’t expect. Lots of people I know are also going to the same university as me so I won’t have to worry about not knowing anyone.

I’ve also come to realise that no matter what we have we are never satisfied with our lives. Like when I received my leaving cert results, it was a moment I had been waiting for for years and yet when I received my results I didn’t ‘feel’ any different. I mean of course I was happy but I was still me, my life was still the same which drew me to the conclusion that when we achieve one goal we move on to the next, never appreciating fully what we have achieved but constantly striving to be better. Striving to be a better person is a good aspect of course but constantly thinking about what we should do next, what tomorrow will bring or where we will be this time next year is good in a sense as everyone needs to have a plan of where they want to go in life but we should also learn to live in the moment and enjoy life as we are living it, as it is happening right now, not next year or in five years time. Ok so the start of this post starts out about me talking about wanting to go to london for summer 2013 but hey i’m trying to live in the moment..okay ??


Im getting old :(

I spent four hours in a playcentre two days ago as I was minding three little kids. And yes I was dragged in to play with escaping to the coffee place to read magazines..oh no!! So it turns out after weeks of sitting at a desk either studying or writing due to exams means four hours of climbing around an undersized playframe following toddlers wrecks havoc on ones body.  I have been confined to the couch the past two days..just standing up is agony. So maybe at the grand age of 19 i’m just going to have to accept that I’m not as young as I once was. Or maybe its just because I hadn’t done anything physical in ages due to my last year of school exams. Yea i’m going to put it down to that my legs just need to get used to exercise..and they will..or else..!!! So yea I had my fill of kids that day as I had to babysit that night aswel..a screaming baby is always great fun not to mention two little ones running around the house like they are on red bull or something. Oh and did I mention my nail broke half way down when one of the kids decided it would be fun to fall on top of me on the couch. Yea lets just say that its monday now and i’m still recovering from that weekend. All I can say is NEVER AGAIN ( even thought the summer ahead will be spent childminding) but its ok to dream, right??

Half way there :)

So I got through leaving cert english , geography and the first maths paper. For English, EVERYBODY was expecting Plath or Heaney to come up in the poetry section. I knew four poets really well..Plath, Heaney, Boland and Kavanagh. The minute we got our exam papers everybody  turned to the poetry to see who the poets were…Kinsella, Larkin, Rich and much to my relief Kavanagh..oh Kavanagh I will forever love you. You see you cannot play the guessing game with who the poets will be..luckily I got lucky.  Many girls had only learnt Plath and Heaney so needless to say they were not to happy with that section. The rest of the english paper went really well. Then geography went well too, the questions I liked came up but time is a major issue in this exam as you only have 2 and half hours which is nowhere near enough time but thankfully and much to the annoyance of my hand I completed the paper in time.

Then it was time for maths paper one. I HATE maths and I am not counting maths in my results. For the first time ever… I thought the paper was lovely..I found myself smiling during the exam..yea really surprized with that paper and I’m not complaining.

I have maths paper two, Irish, Biology, History and French on Monday, tuesday and wednesday so lets just say A LOT of coffee will be consumed in the next few days but I don’t mind because then i’m FINISHED. Words will not be able to justify my happiness 🙂


…..I’m FINISHED SCHOOL……Wooohoooooooooooo………………..

And Yes..I am just a tad happy and excited for well, the REST OF MY LIFE 🙂 

Ah Im soooo happyy..yaayyyy..and im to the left of jen eating the crisps haha on our LAST DAY OF SCHOOL !!Image


Why can’t I make my mind up??

Today my biology teacher asked me to teach the class about bacteria. At first I thought she was joking, turns out she wasn’t. First of all it was embarresing because I had to sit up at the teachers desk and look at my classmates, I mean that was just too weird and then I got really nervous because they were all looking straight at ME..yea my faced went bright red. I got a flash of my future considering that secondary teaching is my career choice and lets just say it was a shock as it turns out I don’t like being the centre of attention and thats just what a teacher is..all the time when she is teaching, well most of the time anyway.  Then I went blank as I began to think they were all watching me. However then we all just started laughing and they told me to ask them questions, so I did and it went well.

So i’ve experienced primary and secondary teaching both before I have even left school. I didn’t feel nervous or under pressure with the primary teaching like I did today with secondary but I think that was just because they were my classmates and it was weird and also I wasn’t expecting it at all, if you knew my teacher you would know what I mean but anyway either way I still can’t wait to get my degree and go abroad to a sunny country and teach in a secondary school.



I have got the most important exams of my life in less than six weeks. Scary, right?? After fourteen years of school it all comes down to a mere six days. I thought that sixth year would be the worst year of school and I was really dreading this year and these exams from the age of nine or ten. However, I have actually suprized myself on how ‘unstressed’ i am. My theory is if you put in the work and do what you have to do then there is no need to be stessed about it. The other good thing is that the points for my course aren’t high so i’m dare I say 100 % sure i’ll get it…touch wood 🙂

Aside from exams and all that boring stuff I recently got a really cool job..well since theres a recession in Ireland at the moment its kind of hard to get a job but I got a job 🙂 And yes since I love kids, it is a childminding job but its amazing and I can’t wait to start, I mean I get to go to America and Spain and wherever else the family goes and lots more things that I shall not disclose but lets just say I am SUPER EXCITED for this summer 🙂  Then there are parties and the debs and starting college to look forward to so life continues regardless of exams 🙂