I have got the most important exams of my life in less than six weeks. Scary, right?? After fourteen years of school it all comes down to a mere six days. I thought that sixth year would be the worst year of school and I was really dreading this year and these exams from the age of nine or ten. However, I have actually suprized myself on how ‘unstressed’ i am. My theory is if you put in the work and do what you have to do then there is no need to be stessed about it. The other good thing is that the points for my course aren’t high so i’m dare I say 100 % sure i’ll get it…touch wood 🙂

Aside from exams and all that boring stuff I recently got a really cool job..well since theres a recession in Ireland at the moment its kind of hard to get a job but I got a job 🙂 And yes since I love kids, it is a childminding job but its amazing and I can’t wait to start, I mean I get to go to America and Spain and wherever else the family goes and lots more things that I shall not disclose but lets just say I am SUPER EXCITED for this summer 🙂  Then there are parties and the debs and starting college to look forward to so life continues regardless of exams 🙂


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