Half way there :)

So I got through leaving cert english , geography and the first maths paper. For English, EVERYBODY was expecting Plath or Heaney to come up in the poetry section. I knew four poets really well..Plath, Heaney, Boland and Kavanagh. The minute we got our exam papers everybody  turned to the poetry to see who the poets were…Kinsella, Larkin, Rich and much to my relief Kavanagh..oh Kavanagh I will forever love you. You see you cannot play the guessing game with who the poets will be..luckily I got lucky.  Many girls had only learnt Plath and Heaney so needless to say they were not to happy with that section. The rest of the english paper went really well. Then geography went well too, the questions I liked came up but time is a major issue in this exam as you only have 2 and half hours which is nowhere near enough time but thankfully and much to the annoyance of my hand I completed the paper in time.

Then it was time for maths paper one. I HATE maths and I am not counting maths in my results. For the first time ever… I thought the paper was lovely..I found myself smiling during the exam..yea really surprized with that paper and I’m not complaining.

I have maths paper two, Irish, Biology, History and French on Monday, tuesday and wednesday so lets just say A LOT of coffee will be consumed in the next few days but I don’t mind because then i’m FINISHED. Words will not be able to justify my happiness 🙂


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