Im getting old :(

I spent four hours in a playcentre two days ago as I was minding three little kids. And yes I was dragged in to play with escaping to the coffee place to read magazines..oh no!! So it turns out after weeks of sitting at a desk either studying or writing due to exams means four hours of climbing around an undersized playframe following toddlers wrecks havoc on ones body.  I have been confined to the couch the past two days..just standing up is agony. So maybe at the grand age of 19 i’m just going to have to accept that I’m not as young as I once was. Or maybe its just because I hadn’t done anything physical in ages due to my last year of school exams. Yea i’m going to put it down to that my legs just need to get used to exercise..and they will..or else..!!! So yea I had my fill of kids that day as I had to babysit that night aswel..a screaming baby is always great fun not to mention two little ones running around the house like they are on red bull or something. Oh and did I mention my nail broke half way down when one of the kids decided it would be fun to fall on top of me on the couch. Yea lets just say that its monday now and i’m still recovering from that weekend. All I can say is NEVER AGAIN ( even thought the summer ahead will be spent childminding) but its ok to dream, right??


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