Things you learn in two months

So summer 2012 has gone by pretty quicky and to be honest i’m kind of glad it has as I can’t wait to start College in a few weeks time. After a summer spent minding three toddlers its safe to say i’m looking forward to feeling like a teenager again and not like a mother. […]

Im getting old :(

I spent four hours in a playcentre two days ago as I was minding three little kids. And yes I was dragged in to play with escaping to the coffee place to read magazines..oh no!! So it turns out after weeks of sitting at a desk either studying or writing due to exams means four […]

Half way there :)

So I got through leaving cert english , geography and the first maths paper. For English, EVERYBODY was expecting Plath or Heaney to come up in the poetry section. I knew four poets really well..Plath, Heaney, Boland and Kavanagh. The minute we got our exam papers everybody  turned to the poetry to see who the […]


…..I’m FINISHED SCHOOL……Wooohoooooooooooo……………….. And Yes..I am just a tad happy and excited for well, the REST OF MY LIFE 🙂  Ah Im soooo happyy..yaayyyy..and im to the left of jen eating the crisps haha on our LAST DAY OF SCHOOL !!  

Why can’t I make my mind up??

Today my biology teacher asked me to teach the class about bacteria. At first I thought she was joking, turns out she wasn’t. First of all it was embarresing because I had to sit up at the teachers desk and look at my classmates, I mean that was just too weird and then I got […]


I have got the most important exams of my life in less than six weeks. Scary, right?? After fourteen years of school it all comes down to a mere six days. I thought that sixth year would be the worst year of school and I was really dreading this year and these exams from the age […]