Teen Mom

Teen mom is the US hit reality show documenting the lives of teen mothers as the title says. The show started out as 16 and pregnant and then due to it being a huge hit, MTV decided to do a spin off show about their lives as mothers. From all the episodes I have seen, 95% of the fathers do not stay around for long. Anyone who watches the show will know of Catelyn and Tyler, they are my favourite couple. Tyler is so nice and the type of boyfriend we all want, right? Their episode of 16 and pregnant made me cry. They both came from hard backgrounds and decided they wanted their child to have a life she deserved and so opted for adoption. Adoption was obviously a really hard decision to make and many people including their own parents were against it as why would you want to give up your own child? Personally I would not have the strenght to give up my child but I can see why Catelyn and Tyler did. Their little girl went to a lovely couple who cherish Carly and Catelyn and Tyler still get to see Carly. In teen mom we see Tyler and Catelyn struggle with their decison but overall they know that the selfless choice they made was right. Catelyn and Tyler have graduated high school, are in college and are enjoying their youth.

Millions of teens around the world are having babies every year and giving up their youth. Once you have a baby your whole life will revolve around that baby and your youth and carefree days are over before they even really started. When I mind the 6 month old, I love her and dote on her but its not all roses either. You are constantly worrying if they are ok, if they are hungry, if they need their nappy changed etc. I love minding the baby and let her sleep in my arms for ages but at the same time I am glad to hand her back to her parents. I don’t know what the rush is on girls today to get pregnant in their teens, I mean its not as if there isn’t protection out there and lots of information on how not to get pregnant. Maybe Teen mom glamorizes pregancy and motherhood?  Having babies at such a young age not only costs you your future but also A LOT of money. The average cost of raising a child per year is 12000 euros, where is a school going mother going to find that? From her parents probably but then is that fair?

Live your life first, go to college, get a good job, find the love of your life and have lots of fun along the way and then consider babies 🙂 If you watch teen mom, not many of the teen mothers are happy….I wonder why!!!



So I have a penpal in Kenya for the past six or seven years now as my dads cousin is a teacher over there. There definitely is a stark contrast between her life and mine. We are both the same age yet becase I was born in a first world country and she was born into a third world county we face very different futures.

Monicah was lucky, or so she thought, she received an education and did excellent in her final exams with high enough grades for her to persue her dreams… or so she thought. A few months ago, disaster struck. Her father, the provider for the family, died from malaria. Her mother is left to care and provide for seven children. Monicah thought education meant freedom. Her dreams of university now however are shattered. With her three elder siblings struggling to get through university, Monicah will not be able to attend. Millions like Monicah are in the same position.

I received a letter from her this week asking me for help, could she come to Ireland? How I wish it was that simple. Where would I find the money to pay for her flight all the way from Kenya?

When I hear my friends saying if they had the money they would spend one and a half million for a piano because its music, I know if I had that kind of money I would help Monicah and the thousands like her to achieve a life they deserve becaues its called having a heart.

I am going to try help Monicah, what if that was me or you? Wouldn’t you want help? Anybody any suggestions on ways of raising money to help Monicah?

School system is crap..

The school system in Ireland and perhaps most countries leaves a lot to be desired. You send your small child off to school at just four years of age. Then they are expected to work. Learn how to read and write and solve maths problems. Sure the little ones are allowed play with toys for a little while but then have to settle down to work. At four years of age, I mean come on they are only little tots. Children of primary school age ie 4 to 12 years should learn through play and through fieldtrips. Not through boring books. It has been proven that the Scandinavian countries who adopt this techinique and whose children don’t learn to read or write until about eight years old surpass the educational system of other European countries who do not adopt this technique. By twelve years old children who have learnt through play and fun and learning about things by actually doing these things actually do far better than schools who don’t adopt this technique.Steiner schools all the way people!

Then your child gets to secondary school and well you are faced with a final exam at the end of your final year.This exam is known as the leaving cert in Ireland and it is a BIG deal but to be honest I thought I would be more stressed but its now down to the final few weeks and I’m not that stressed. Why bother? My opinion is if I do the work then there is no need to be stressed. I’ve gotten A’s and B’s so far in my mock exams so i’m not too worried but this does not mean that I am for this exam system. Some students have killed themselves due to the stress of it, surely this would indicate the system that hasn’t changed much since 1926 is in need of change but little if anything is being done. My leaving cert will last a grand total of ONE week. Two years work condensed into one short week that will decide my future. Oh if only I was minister for education..

19 kids and counting!!

So most people have probably heard of this American family known as the Duggars. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have 19 children. Crazy right? I’ve been watching this programme since it was titled 14 kids and counting. If you were to watch these earlier episodes you will see that they lived in a small cramped house that was not suitable for a family of six nevermind a family with fourteen kids. Then as the episodes progress you will see that they now live in a huge house that they built themselves. Most of the money coming from the tv show of course. They have a tv show yet they don’t watch tv. So if they don’t watch normal tv then why have a tv show aimed at the general audience. Money of course.

You don’t see the father going out to work each day, they own several rental properties but lets be honest, they are only able to visit all the places that they go to and live the lifestyle they lead with the money they are making off this tv show.  Due to the growing cost of all the kids before the show started, they decided if they kept having babies and talking about how they live then they will cash in with a tv show. They were right.

So why would someone be so crazy as to have nearly twenty kids? Sure the kids are happy to be on earth and given the gift of life but there comes a point where you take it too far.  The older kids are burdened with the responsibility of caring for the younger ones and the older girls have to do many chores such as the cooking and laundry. None of the kids have had an opportunity to experience a normal life because they have 18 siblings, are not allowed to go to school, wear normal clothes and with the oldest marrying at 21, what life has he had?

Sure kids grow up quick but this doesn’t mean  you keep having baby after baby to compensate for this fact. Like isn’t there something wrong when your daughter in law is carrying a child and so are you?

Yes they seem to be a nice family and have good values but they need to let their children be themselevs and experience life outside of the duggar household. The only reason they keep having babies at this stage is because it provides an income for the family but there comes a point where you have to stop and enjoy the kids you already have.

Babysitting :)

So i’ve decided to write this post on babysitting since it is something I do every week nearly. So this is my advice to fellow babysitters out there.

I babysit four little girls aged from nine right down to just five months old. Babysitting is not something you should do if you don’t like kids, don’t have patience or only do it for the money. I love kids and I do have to admit that I have grown quite attached to this little bunch. I remember been babysat as a little kid and I remember just wanting my parents to come home. So I guess I wanted the little girls to feel safe and loved with me when I started to babysit them over two years ago.

So what makes a good babysitter? Well I think if you put the kids in front of the tv and have no interest in them it’s safe to say you aren’t a good babysitter. Yea there are times when I sit down with the girls and watch a movie but during the day I turn the tv off and we play games and go for walks and play outside. My friend does say to me why bother? Why not let them go and play themselves? Well I’m a big kid and also I think if I just left them to their own devices we wouldn’t have the relationship that we have now. They love it when you take the time out to play with them whether its on the swingset or hide and go seek.

I have to admit that i’m a pushover and they have me wrapped around their little fingers but when things do get out of hand you have to be able to tell them to go into their bedrooms. I’m not a strict babysitter but when they do cross the line they know it. I think its all about getting the balance right. I think it also depends on the kids ages too.  If you are minding toddlers well then yea toddlers do have tantrums and don’t try to reason with a three year old. Let them have their tantrum and then calm them down with a hug. If the kids are a bit older well then I recommend time out. I have never really had to do this. Sometimes just the mention of it sets everything right again but if not then time out is the best bet.

If you are taking care of a baby well then this may feel like a bigger responsibilty and you may be nervous but once you can change a nappy and make a bottle you will be grand. Yes babies are cute and cuddly but they also can be cranky and scream the house down. You also may be puked upon. In order to be good at minding the baby you need to be patient and not get mad as the baby cries and cries. I generally find a soothing lullaby and gentle rocking does the trick. Oh and do I mind being puked upon? No of course I don’t because I love this little baby and if you are minding a little baby you will learn that a little loving and understanding goes a long way.

I think being a good babysitter means to be able to have great fun with the kids but also making sure they are safe and happy. Being a babysitter is great fun but also a lot of responsibility especially when you have four little ones to mind. If you are thinking of doing babysitting then this responsibility is something you should take VERY seriously. While you may be playing mommys and daddys you also have to remember that you are the adult!

Tips : Make sure to have a contact telephone number for the childs parents.

:  Be responsible. Make sure the children are happy and safe.

: Do not allow the children to run riot once the parents have left. Set boundaries.

: Have fun with the kids

: Play games

: Talk to them..they love having little conversations

: Don’t be too strict 🙂

: Have patience..they are only little!

And its all worth while when the seven year old writes you a fabulous poem for your birthday telling you she loves you ❤

What makes a book popular?

I don’t know if I actually truly know the answer to this question. I’m somewhat of a ‘nerd’ in that I love books unlike most of my friends. I’ve read all of Jacqueline wilsons books as a child and then moved on to teenage fiction. I like any book that has a good storyline. It annoys me when people just read the books that are popular or because the authors are famous.  Some of the best stories i’ve read are from authors that aren’t well known.  Take for example I Coriander by Sally Gardner..it is a must read yet few people have ever read it nor heard of it..

I will admit that I love the Twilight saga and The hunger games and Harry Potter.  So what made these books so popular? I mean with regard to the twilight saga we have all heard about vampires and stuff before. Stephenie Meyers topic was not original and neither was J K Rowlings topic of witchcraft and wizardry right? So why did these books become so popular? The truth is that even though these authors themes were not original, the storylines were. Both series were well written and did not fail to capture the readers attention from start to finish. But I have read other books which have been just as well written as both of these so why aren’t they being made into blockbuster movies?? Possibly because the media heards tell of quite a few teens liking a certain book and decide to publicise it. This happens rarely though so when it happened to Twilight and Harry Potter..both became famous and teens everywhere felt that they were missing out if they didn’t read these books due to the power of the media.

The Hunger games is going to be the next book series that will become famous. The movie comes out later this month and its actors shall be catapulted to stardom like Daniel Radcliffe and Robert Pattinson. I read the series last Summer when few had heard of it. When a series becomes popular, the story doesn’t feel personal to me anymore so I tend to move on.

So anyway I think to answer this question, the answer would be that if you have a well written and captivating story and a huge media following willing to publicise your book, there is a good chance that you shall be the next Stephenie Meyer or J K Rowling 🙂 Good luck !!!!